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"Smokescreen Politics" article from The Ecologist magazine for Download (includes new research from the USA on Health Hazards of Particulates).                                                

Comprehensive Report on "Incineration and Human Health" (includes information on dioxins and particulate matter) "Incinerators therefore contribute to the type of particulate air pollution that is the most dangerous for human health"   by  Michelle Allsopp, Pat Costner & Paul Johnston,  Greenpeace Research Laboratories, University of Exeter, UK.,  

Friends of the Earth Information on Incineration health issues:

Friends of the Earth Information:  Tyseley Incinerator - Health Hazards UK  "...USA has recommended safe levels of dioxins, to minimise the risk of cancer, at one thousandth the current UK level.." 

Green Peace Information:  Childhood cancer                         

Green Peace Information:  Incineration problems 

PAIN People Against Incineration :   Hazardous .... "if you live within 25 miles"  

PAIN People Against Incineration:   Dr D. Van Steenis
informs us on how dangerous operating an incinerator really is:

Irish Doctors Environmental Association:   Incinerator Health Hazards (and suggested reading) (IRE) 

World Health Organisation:   Risks of  Particulate Matter       

Green Futures:   Check list (US) 

Green Futures:   Incinerator Guide Book (US)   

Particulates are a known health hazard.  Particulates travel for miles according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).  The distance travelled is determined by wind speed and direction as well as weather conditions.  You will be affected if you live within 25 miles according to PAIN (See the map below).  This particulate fall out would be additional to any particulates already present in your area.
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