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*GlosAIN     (Gloucestershire Against Incineration)
* GlosVAIN  (Gloucestershire Vale Against Incineration)

* GFOEN      (Gloucestershire Friends of the Earth Network)
* SWARD     (Safety in Waste & Rubbish Disposal) - RETIRED


18th September GCC Extraordinary Meeting: Labour motion to cancel incinerator contract and Libdem amendment requesting transparency on cancellation costs and an independent review both failed.

LATEST: Incinerator Poem "Scrap the Contract" by Peter Adams:   Click Here


Sign epetition asking GCC to Terminate the Contract CLICK HERE

Coming up: 

7th March 2015 Climate Change March, London (a member of the public is organising a coach, email us if you would like a seat)   


2015   January 2015: Secretary of State approved Incinerator at Javelin Park 

18th February 2015 Demonstration 9.20 a.m. Shire Hall steps, Gloucester

17th January 2015 Demonstration 11.00 a.m. Stroud, steps of the Subscription Rooms

6th January 2015 Secretary of State, Pickles, approves Incinerator


19th NOVEMBER 2013 INQUIRY  UBB have appealed to Planning Application Refusal. Come and join us on the first day of the Inquiry 9.30 a.m. The Hallmark Hotel, Gloucester.

21st March 2013 UBB Planning Application Refused  

WE RECOMMEND: THE STUNNING Academy Award Winning Environmental Film "TRASHED" starring Jeremy Irons (and Gloucestershire!), showing the impact of waste on both people & the planet, unacceptable and acceptable solutions. To see if your local group is organising a screening, email:

CLICK HERE TO VIEW PROF. VYVYAN HOWARD's "PROOF of EVIDENCE" raising concerns about the Incinerator and Health Issues


Click Here and prepare for a shock:  THE SIZE COMPARISON BETWEEN: The Incinerator V. Glos. Cathedral/Local Church/Blooms Nursery




CLICK HERE: Environmental Agency  Public Consultation Notice

  CLICK HERE: to   SIGN Moratorium on Incineration

TWO WAYS  to    Object to Planning Application for huge incinerator nr. Gloucester: Click here: for Planning Application    

Here are some objections (click on name): Cotswold Conservation Board   Green Party  Stroud District Council

 1. The most effective way is to submit your own personal customised objection letter (remember objection points MUST relate to planning issues). You may wish to base your objection on one or two of the ideas contained in objection letters already submitted (see above).

Post to: The Planning Unit, Environmental & Community Directorate, Glos.C.C., Shire Hall, Gloucester, GL1 2TH or for on line submission, Click Here: 

OR 2. Use a standardised Objection letter on line NOW, click here:


For Press Releases click here

19th NOVEMBER 2013 INQUIRY  UBB have appealed to Planning Application Refusal. Come and join us on the first day of the Inquiry 9.30 a.m. The Hallmark Hotel, Gloucester. We need your support

21st March 2013 UBB Planning Application Refused  For further details:Click here (media coverage

TO HELP STOP THE INCINERATOR   Write to GCC Planning Dept. to object to  the Planning Application and write to the Secretary of State to ask for a "call-in"

GLOUCESTERSHIRE ELECTIONS 2013 UBB might appeal, so we need to support candidates who are opposed to a large scale incinerator. CLICK HERE to see candidates' views.

Thursday 21st March 2013  Planning Meeting  Gloucester Rugby Club 

Thursday 14th March  Demonstration Javelin Park

11 Jan 2013   THE PUBLIC ENQUIRY with JONATHON PORRITT, a representative from GCC and JOHN BEATTIE of SWARD. Q&A Opportunity. On 11th January 2013, 6.00 p.m. - 8.00 p.m. at the Bethesda Church, Cheltenham. Admission Free CLICK HERE FOR POSTER    Here Jonahon Porritt on Youtube, click here

12th September Today GCC Cabinet award contract to UBB. Campaigners met on the Steps of Shire Hall at 9.20 a.m. to object

3rd May 2012 Elections (Cheltenham, Gloucester and Stroud Districts)To see the Candidates who are "On your Side"and opposed to a large scale waste incinerator in Gloucestershire: CLICK HERE

      For relate Press Release:CLICK HERE

      NOW CLOSED: 2012 Initiative by Gloucestershire University Student, a survey hoping to garner public opinion on the EfW issue from all sides


       FREE CARTOON :  
      Card, Poster and Post Cards created by GlosAIN that you can download, customise and use freely, if you wish:
      Click here for GCC Focused (zipped)  or  Click here for Generic and Customisable versions for your group, in pdf, jpeg, MS-Word and MS-Powerpoint formats (zipped)

      Click here or on the picture below to download a printable (pdf) cartoon


      16Mar2011 - Disaster for Gloucestershire - GCC Cabinet announces their decision to have a large waste Incinerator at Javelin Park.  For actions see "What to do - 7 Ideas" tab above.

      Click here for Petitions Battle Hymn - "Yes to Libraries, No to Incineration"

      TWITTER  - See the latest tweets about Incinerators on Twitter and send your tweets.  or incinerator


      Responses to the GCC Waste Core Strategy (WCS)

      Glosvain, Glosain + Standish, Haresfield and Hardwicke Parish Councils
      (WCS Response Forms 1-12)  [Zipped

      From VCS (WCS Response Forms 1-9)  [Zipped]


      Click here for Campaign Christmas Songs


      24Nov10 - Songs sung this morning at Gloucestershire County Council - County Hall

      Click on the Song Fest picture to download the Song Sheet


      8Nov2010: House of Commons on 2 November 2010

      Gloucestershire Groups: GlosAIN and GlosVAIN organise an event at the House of Commons to raise awareness of the problem amongst Members of Parliament. Speakers including leading Zero Waste expert, Dr. Paul Connett, Barbara Farmer (SWARD), Julian Kirby (FoE) and Jonathan Essex (BioRegional Development Group)

      The picture below is of some of the Anti-incinerator campaigners from across the UK in Committee Room 10 at the House of Commons.

      The picture below of the toxic ash being landfilled at Wingmoor Farm, Bishops Cleeve, Nr Cheltenham horrified those present. Professor Connett explained that in Germany they don't bother to test it because they know its toxic, so they bag it up and put it down salt mines.

      Click here for more information - UKWin Report on the event presentations


      25Sep2010: THE BIG WASTE DEBATE

      Click on the poster below to download it


      Friends of the Earth day on 9th October 2010

      "Zero Waste - a Way to a Low Carbon Future"

      Click here for:  Colour Poster; Letter to Colleagues

      29Jul2010: Please ask the Government to stop wasting money on incinerators.There is big potential to save money through dealing with our waste more sustainably.Please email Caroline Spelman, Secretary of State for the Environment.


      PETITIONS: For GLOUCESTERSHIRE petitions click here.


      14Jul2010: EXCITING NEWS "Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant set to inject first green gas into the grid by end of summer"click here to download the article or use the link below to view the web page: or use the link below to view Adnams Brewery's web page for their description of the project:, for a different perspective, view the related web page in "The Engineer":, here is a link to the website of the developer of the AD plant, Bio Group, based in Ely, Cambs:

      29Jun2010:Click here to download "Relevant References to Incinerators & Zero Waste". (See also Item 4 on the "General Information" page)

      11 May 2010     Prof. Paul Connett returned to Gloucestershire on 11th May and gave another fantastic presentation on "ZERO WASTE". Mr. Ian Mean, Editor of the Citizen did a brilliant job of chairing the meeting. Here is a link to Mr. Ian Mean's blog.

      For information, click here:

* NOW AVAILABLE *Powerpoint used by Dr. Connett - SEE BELOW " LATEST ADDITIONS TO THIS SITE:*Reply from David Cameron to GlosVAIN letter: Click hereTo see Campaigners' letter to David Cameron: Click here
* COMING SOON *Link to a video of a similar presentation by Dr. Connett

        4th February 2010: An inspiring, dynamic and factual presentation by Dr. Paul Connett on the scientific facts of the effects of waste incineration and the environmentally friendly alternatives, including zero waste. Very well chaired by Mr. Ian Mean, Editor of the Citizen.

        See the links to other Dr. Paul Connett related information further down this page or see his profile on the University Faculty Page at :  or review an article which contains his further details and background at: 

        2nd March 2010:

        Reply from David Cameron to GlosVAIN letter:   Click here

        20th February 2010:

        Slides (in two part due to size) presented by Paul Connett on 4Feb10 talk at King's Stanley

        Download Part 1   and  Download Part 2

        4th January 2010:

        Campaigners lobby David Cameron over Burning Issue

        Campaigners handed David Cameron a letter asking him to use his influence to oppose the building of a waste incinerator in Glos. When he accepted the letter he commented on the need for Councils to stay abreast of rapidly developing new technology in the waste field. He promised to answer the letter soon.  Click here to download the letter

        BBC Points West video, statements from S.Waddington (GCC) & anti-incineration campaigner David Purchase

        A BBC Points West 4 Jan. 2010 video featuring the Anti-Incineration Campaign is available here:

        To download the transcript  click here 

        To download words for one of the campaign songs "Battle Hymn of Garbage"  click here

        The favoured waste control option of the current Gloucestershire County Council is said to be the building of a giant incinerator.The incinerator could be up to 10 stories high. Javelin Park near Gloucester has been purchased for £7.4 million and is one of the potential sites. Click here for GCC Outline Business Case: Source
        There are environmentally friendly options.


        If you missed the 16th December 2009 concert don't miss the songs! Click here or on the picture to download your copy of the song book and sing them to your friends and family! 

        Re-Cycling Against Incineration Week Reports

        3rd November 2009:  Presentation to Parish Councils event,
        Click here for photo and report.

        6th November 2009:  MPs and PPCs signing GFOEN anti-incinerator pledge at County Hall.  Click here for photos and report and to see which representatives in your constituency supported the pledge.

        7th November 2009:

         "Re-Cycle Against Incineration Action Day" -  The Photos!!!
        To end the week, on the morning of Saturday 7th November there was a cycle ride from Tewkesbury to Nastend in Storehouse, which finished at Javelin Park around 1:00 p.m. with a rally and a recyclable bonfire.  Click here for more photos & route.  

        22nd November 2009

        Click here to see the three reports on Renewable Gas from Anaerobic Digestion on the Alternative Waste Solutions page

        2nd November 2009

        Click here to download a research paper “The Health Effects of Waste Incinerators” by Dr. Jeremy Thompson and Dr. Honor Anthony  of the British Society for Ecological Medicine on incinerators and health  

        BELOW is a link to the above PLUS subsequent comments by the HPA and responses of the authors :

        Click this link to other British Society for Ecological Medicine information

        We've been requested to support the Invergordon campaign by buying (from iTunes) their music video called "It Was Madness by Ro J",
        Here's the link:

        Download an additional Presentation by Dr Paul Connett that gives more detail about the chemistry of Dioxins and Furans.

        Click here to download one of the research papers, referred to by Dr Connett in his presentation "Origin and Health Impacts of Emissions of Toxic By-Products and Fine Particles from Combustion and Thermal Treatment of Hazardous Wastes and Materials" by Cormier, Lomnicki, Backes and Dellinger.

        Additional information on Dioxins, including Dioxins in the food chain are included in the Videos section at this link

         November 2009

        You need to have iTunes application on your computer to download the song. It’s FREE to get the latest version of iTunes here..          Once installed you can do a search for “It Was Madness” and it will appear.   Then download it for only 79p.
        22nd October 2009   to   2n(4.2Mb).

        Click here for a link to the video of Dr Paul Connett's lecture to Oxfordshire's Sutton Courtenay Against Incineration campaign group (8Oct09).  Facts not to be missed.  (The first part of this lecture is now available on U-Tube) 

        Download Dr Paul Connett's Presentation in Acrobat (pdf) format (seven sections)
        Part 1 (5Mb)Part 2a (5Mb), Part 2b (6.5Mb), Part 3 (6.2Mb), Part 4 (9.7Mb), Part 5 (3.3Mb) and Part 6

        11th October 2009

        New Link on "Contact" page to the GlosAIN Twitter page

        7th October 2009

        New Link on "Groups Against Incinerators" page to Sutton Courtney Against Incineration web site.  This is a really useful site to visit and they have an online petition for the Oxfordshire campaign against incinerators.

        OXFORDSHIRE:  Sutton Courtenay Against Incineration campaign group have an online petition which is looking for your support too. 

        15th September 2009

        Share your views and information: 
        Click here to use the Wiki, Blog, Discussion Groups and Photo Gallery.

        2nd August 2009

        Alternative Waste Solutions page added

        "Links to problems arising from large waste incinerators" section added to the General Information page

        15th July 2009                

        1.  Will the hazardous Particulate Fall out affect you?  Click here for larger map

        2.  "Smokescreen Politics" article from The Ecologist magazine for Download (includes new research from the USA on Health Hazards of Particulates).

        3.  "Firms in running for waste contract unveiled" article from the Gloucester Citizen: 
          (7th July 2009)


        NEW Gloucestershire against Incinerators Collaboration Portal launched so that you can have your say about this

        See Update information on the Wiki Update Page of the newly available Gloucestershire against Incinerators Collaboration Portal

        Have your say, register yourself here on the 
        NEW Gloucestershire against Incinerators Collaboration Portal 


        For a brief outline of the health, environmental and financial problems that would arise from the operation of a giant incinerator or to download copies of a flier: Flier.   

        If you wish to distribute Fliers / Posters and do not have printing facilities, please email your requests here.

        If you have any links to websites that would provide information supportive to the Gloucestershire Against Incinerators website, please email them to:

        This site was set up by people who are not members of any political party


      Click here or on the Song Fest picture to download the Song Sheet



    Prof. Paul Connett returned to Gloucestershire on 11th May and gave another fantastic presentation on "ZERO WASTE". Mr. Ian Mean, Editor of the Citizen did a brilliant job of chairing the meeting. Here is a link to Mr. Ian Mean's blog.


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