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22.3.13 "Incinerator company to appeal refusal for Gloucestershire Burner"  Source: The Citizen

21.1.13 "Gloucestershire Incinerator Plan at Javelin Park Rejected" BBC Radio

21.3.13 " "No" to the incinerator by Gloucestershire against Incinerators"  Source: The Citizen

6.3.13  'Confidential report shows majority of waste to be burnt in Javelin Park incinerator is recyclable, compostable or reusable'  Source: Stroud News and Journal

16.2.13 'Not enough waste' to feed planned Gloucestershire incinerator, Liberal Democrats claim"  Source: The Echo 

13.2.13  "Die Hard eco star Jeremy Irons backs Glosain's campaign against Javelin Park incinerator plans"   Source: Stroud Life

10.12.12  "Gloucestershire incinerator plans delayed by weeks"     Source: The Citizen

10.12.12. "Ken Livingstone says Javelin Park incinerator will be "disastrous"" Source: The Citizen

29.11.12   "Beauty spot 'could spell end' to incinerator plans"  Source: The Citizen

23.10.12  "Public Health Fears over incinerator are justified says expert" Source: Gloucestershire Echo

10,9.12   "Health and terrorism fears over new Gloucestershire incinerator"  Source: The Citizen

7.7.12 "LibDems urge U turn on Gloucestershire incinerator" Source: Gloucestershire Echo

4.7.12 "Natural England Objection to Incinerator not Published" Source: Stroud News and Journal

28.6.12 "Rare species of bat discovered at Javelin Park could scupper incinerator plans" Source: Stroud News and Journal

20.6.12 "Big Issue: We could be sitting on a Gold Mine" Souce: The Citizen

13.6.12 "Elderly widow unable to sell her house because of proposed incinerator"  Source: Stroud News and Journal

7.6.12 "Architect's images show true size and scale of proposed incinerator"Source: Stroud News and Journal

6.6.12"Why Gloucestershire doesn't need an incinerator" Click here: Source: The Citizen

17.5.12"Incinerator Protestors accuse Council of "hiding" public comments." Click here:  Source: Stroud News and Journal

9.5.12Stroud District Council Chairman "leaves Tory group.....he had become disillusioned with Gloucestershire County Council’s Tory administration over their plans for an incinerator at Javelin Park.* Source: Stroud News and Journal. Click here:

3.5.12 "Stroud MP Neil Carmichael tells constituents he will oppose incinerator" Source: Stroud News and Journal. Click here:

25.4.12 "Stroud Councillors list 9 objections to incinerator" Source: The Citizen. Click here:

24.4.12 "Stroud District Council signals strong opposition to incinerator proposals" Source: Stroud News and Journal. Click here:

 24.4.12   "Greens call for halt to Incinerator.” Source: This is Gloucestershire, Click here: 15899637-detail/story.html

11.4.12  "Incinerator waste figures flawed say Green Party.” Source: Stroud News and Journal, Click here:

30,3,12 "Incinerator might not save as much money as council expected." Source: This is Gloucestershire, Click here:

28.3.12"Children will have their lives put at risk by new incinerator!” Source: This is Gloucestershire, Click here:

2. UK Wide Press Releases

Bucks Free Press Expert warns baby deaths linked to incinerators

"Firms in running for waste contract unveiled" article from the Gloucester Citizen:  (7th July 2009)

Western Daily Press report,    " Campaign against Gloucestershire waste incinerator grows"

Campaign fails: Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser


BBC report,  "Incinerator health risk "unacceptable" by Dr Vyvyan Howard

Report Says Health Hazards Linked to Waste Incinerators, report by Greenpeace

 3. WORLD WIDE Press Releases

16.4.12     “Getting gold from garbage – how some Member States are making waste a resource.” Source: Europa,  Click here: